Candore – CANros

يستـخدم لفحـص نسـبة الجـهاد التأكسـدي المسـبب لتكـسر المـادة الـوراثية فـي الحيـوانات المـنوية.
‏Oxidative stress is one of the factors responsible for DNA fragmentation in sperm. Excessive generation of ROS in semen could be the cause of infertility. Low concentration of ROS affects mobility of the sperm and high concentration results in loss of viability of the sperm. The assessment of ROS may help in the treatment of male infertility by suitable antioxidant. This test determines the total ROS generated in semen by leucocytes and spermatozoa. When Nitro blue tetrazolium interacts with the free radicals present in the semen sample, it generates colour varying from light pink to dark purple. The colour change depends upon the concentration of the free radicals present in the sample.


CANROS – 10 test KIT


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