Exclusive Agencies

Alduriah Group is distinguished as the exclusive agent for Pharmadica products and an authorized distributor for a group of agencies specialized in the field of IVF infertility

Pharmedica USA

An Indian company that specializes in healthcare and super specialty activities in infertility care (obstetrics and gynecology).


India-based international company The company has been working on Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) and biomedical equipment with a proven track record of over 42 years.


A company specialized in the field of reproductive medicine. The company's products meet the highest quality requirements and the latest scientific developments


A specialized biotechnology company, the company develops high-quality products for medical devices


A company specializing in the production of diagnostic media and tools to carry out procedures and tests that require extremely high accuracy

Sperm Processor

Well-known brand in laboratory andrology The company is an industry leader in R&D and manufacturing

Astec bio

A Japanese company founded in 1978, specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of state-of-the-art medical laboratory equipment to the worldwide assisted reproductive industry.

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Alduriah Group is a group of companies specialized in reproductive medical solutions and laboratory andrology, working in a complete manner and covering the field from several aspects, from providing devices and equipment to providing services and providing medical care and treatment.

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