By God’s Grace, it was concluded on Saturday, corresponding to
3/5/2022 at the Taj Hotel in the city of Misurata
PCOS Conference in its second edition and sponsored by First Atomic Company to import medicines and medical equipment.
Under the supervision of a scientific committee and lecturers:
✨ Professor Souad Al-Warshafani
✨ Professor Muhammad Al-Muhaishi
✨Professor Muftah Al-Sawan
✨ Consultant Mona Ben Salah
✨ Consultant Awatif Indishah
✨ Consultant Mohamed Abudios
✨ Consultant Nadia Swehli
✨ Dr. Ahlam Berish
✨ Dr. Nizar Abdel Hafeez
The conference was opened with a welcoming speech by Professor Muhammad Saeed Al-Muhaishi and Professor Suad Al-Warshafani
In the end, the participating doctors were honored with certificates of thanks and appreciation.
All thanks and appreciation to the participating companies and all those who made the conference a success, especially Dr. Muhammad Al-Qawouk for his efforts.

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