We are pleased at Alduriah First Company to be the first sponsor and supporter of the opening of Baythum Magazine (The Future of the Libyan House Magazine)
Which was held at Bab Al-Bahr Hotel on Saturday
Corresponding to 3/26/2022
Many women from all levels of Libyan society attended this event, which emphasized the essential role that women play in our society and that they are able to occupy important positions and assume full responsibility.
all thanks
For Professor Abeer Mahjoub, editor-in-chief of the magazine
And Professor Najah Mosaddegh, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the magazine
For giving us the opportunity to be with them
In addition to the wonderful engineered touches
Magda Saeed, who gave another luster to the event
magazine page
Through it, their projects related to women and children were introduced
And thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of this event

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