Alduriah Medical Group
We are pioneers in providing high quality solutions specialized in reproductive medical solutions, services, medicines, treatment
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Agencies for specialized international companies
We provide medical solutions from the best companies specialized in reproductive medicine
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High Quality Services
The group provides high quality services in the field of health, including equipping health buildings and providing medical devices and equipment
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What does Alduriah group offer?

Here your search ends for the best solutions and services in the field of reproductive health!

Alduriah Group is a group of companies that provide high quality solutions in the field of reproductive health, the group’s headquarters is in Tripoli, Libya and is led by specialized and experienced doctors and administrators. The group is divided into three main companies, Alduriah First Company for Drug Import and Alduriah Company For medical services and  Alduriah Medical Center, which specializes in the treatment of reproductive problems.

Fetal Care Center

The company provides medical services specialized in training and operating fertility units. It provides services to many health centers

Alduriah First Copmany

The company specializes in importing medicines and medical equipment related to reproductive health and food supplements. It has many agencies for specialized international companies.

Alduriah Medical Center

A fully equipped center to provide specialized medical services in the field of delayed childbearing and testicular problems and equipped with specialized laboratory laboratories

Why is the Alduriah Group special?

Our Services are Top Notch

We provide medical solutions for reproductive problems

Experience in the Libyan Market

The company was founded by a team that has long experience in the Libyan market, and the company is keen to appoint more experts for its team

Our Human Resources

The group owns teams specialized in several medical, administrative and marketing fields

Communication Skills

We listen to our customers, and understand their needs

Quality Management

We are only satisfied with high quality, so we only deal with the best companies to import our products

Holistic Marketing

The Alduriah Group covers all regions of Libya, and works according to well-studied marketing plans

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy in managing our companies is based on dividing services into specialized companies. Professional and experienced specialized teams work in each company, highly qualified in the fields of medical, pharmaceutical, public health, business and finance, and equipped with appropriate communication and public relations skills, in addition to their good scientific knowledge.

Our Agencies

Alduriah Group imports medicines and equipment specialized in reproductive medical solutions and laboratory andrology, from the best specialized international companies, in addition to laboratory consumables, consumer care products and medical equipment

We offer our services to more than

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Pharmacies and hospital​s

Products we offer

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Our dedicated team

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Exclusive Agencies

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Company news

About us

Alduriah Group is a group of companies specialized in reproductive medical solutions and laboratory andrology, working in a complete manner and covering the field from several aspects, from providing devices and equipment to providing services and providing medical care and treatment.

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