About Us

About Us

Alduriah is a company with experience in supplying cosmetics and medicine in Libya.

This includes logistics, marketing, promotion, purchasing, importation, sales and distribution. All refer to pharmaceuticals, laboratory consumables, consumer healthcare products and medical equipment.


Alduriah is managed by a professional team of expertise, highly qualified in medical, pharmaceutical, public health, business and financial fields. They are respectful and professional figures in the healthcare field, equipped with proper communication and public relations skills, in addition to their quality scientific knowledge.




Alduriah Registered by African Network and Registry for Assisted Reproductive Technology brings together assisted reproductive technology centres within and between African countries

Alduriah Medical Center

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Our Mission

To developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality generic pharmaceuticals. We believe all patients taking our medications, wherever they are located, are entitled to the highest quality products..


Our Vision

is to be at the forefront of our industry in bringing pharmaceutical,IVF and cosmetic  products in the markets we serve. Our target products are carefully selected to ensure our resources, expertise and energy are focused on the opportunities that can bring the most benefit to all our stakeholders. We then rely on great science and passionate execution to bring these opportunities to fruition.


Our Values

Our knowledge, our abilities, our capability to innovate, our productivity and our ingenuity enable us to be fast. We want to be first. Not just in sales, but in discovering the markets’ new needs. We can do this by successfully shortening the development process, swift acquisition of registration documentation and our harmonised production and distribution.